About Us

Company overview

‘Akiko’ is a Japanese word with a number of subtly different meaning all relating to ‘child’. The Kanji characters used to create the word means ‘sparkle’ ‘bright’ and ‘autumn’. The literal meaning of the word is ‘Child of Autumn’ but other variations include ‘peaceful, hope, child’ and ‘dawn, child’. We named our company ‘Akiko’ because it is our mission to take the foundations of a business and consider them as a ‘child’ – our expert guidance on expanding business revenues in the region helps companies to grow into a sparkling success.


MISSION STATEMENT: Our business is to make yours effective and efficient.

our vision and values

We add value to our Clients’ business.

We have a sound understanding of our Clients’ operations and corporate goals. As a thought leader in the industry, we continually bring knowledge and new ideas to them. In partnership, we develop, execute, and deliver actionable solutions to enhance their competitive advantage. Total client satisfaction defines our success.

We practice open, honest, and transparent two-way communication

We share information, irrespective of it being positive or negative. We communicate our corporate goals, set clear expectations, and rigorously appraise performance. We actively seek and provide new ideas to incorporate into our decision making, encouraging dialogue and action.

We treat people with trust, dignity, and respect

We are fair and show respect for all people, regardless of position. We collaborate in cross-functional teams, sharing knowledge and working toward agreed upon goals. Team members share a stake in the success of a project; their diverse viewpoints add value to our business. We weigh the best interests of our Clients, Employees, and Shareholders in everything we do.

We live and breathe the 3 R’s: Risk-taking, Responsibility, and Recognition

We value out of the box thinking, drive innovation, and learn from our mistakes. Responsible and accountable for our results, we own the business and have the knowledge and latitude to take action.

We recognise individuals and teams for their extraordinary effort, superior performance, and qualitative results.

We invest today for tomorrow

We realise success by recruiting, developing, and retaining the most talented and motivated candidates, passionate about Akiko, who are challenged to maximize their professional growth.

We incorporate best practices wherever we find them, continuously enhancing our services and processes to deliver quality the first time.

leadership team

Sunil K. Jha Managing Director

Sunil is a process driven, results oriented professional who aims to create efficient processes within organisations to ensure high throughput and increased revenues.

He has had extensive exposure to commercial cultures of counties such as USA, Europe (Germany & UK) ANZ, Pacific Islands and APAC (India, Singapore, Philippines, China and Japan).

Sunil believes that different countries conduct their commercial businesses in their unique styles. Therefore, his approach is to address these commercial cultures with an international perspective.

He has lived in Australia for the past 20 years and has a special interest in APAC/ Oceania region.

A Level 5 Senior Executive, Sunil specialises in creating successful businesses ground up and firmly believes an organisation thrives when all elements of its business operations work in sync with each other i.e. Marketing>Inside-sales>Pre-sales>Sales>Delivery>Post-sales support>Customer success teams>Account Management.

Sunil Jha