business process improvement

business process improvement

Business Process Improvement directly relates to an effort to get a good work life balance.  In our view at Akiko Business Solutions, almost 80% businesses worldwide operate on an average of 40-60% efficiency levels, costing these organisations time, effort, and financial resources.

Our assumption is based on the simple fact that whilst these processes were set at the time of business setup, a lot has changed since then, for example; technology has come a long way, resources are better educated – just to name a couple.

At Akiko Business Solutions, we pride ourselves in analysing the current business process efficiency by understanding what is being done, how and by who.  This evaluation gives us a good understanding of where the efficiency level of a business process is, what challenges are being faced by the resources working on these processes and what frustrates them the most. 

Our aim always is to raise the process efficiency by 100% i.e. to 80% and in turn reducing the cost of operations by 50%.

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