business process improvement

business process improvement

Business Process Improvement involves optimising ongoing business activities with the goal of increasing efficiency. In our experience at Akiko Business Solutions, the majority of businesses operate at just 40-60% of their potential efficiency levels – costing these organisations time, effort, and financial resources. 

A number of organisations are using outdated processes and business methodologies because things have always been done the way they are or simply because they were already put in place. In fact, about 90% of decision-makers in the IT department claimed that the legacy systems are holding them back from adapting to the new methodologies to become more efficient.

Benefits of Improving Your Business Processes

  • Increased productivity especially when it comes to redundant processes such as filling out forms, running reports, and other tedious and repetitive tasks. 
  • Employee productivity and satisfaction are attained because they will be able to focus more on your non-repetitive tasks.
  • Risks in making errors are greatly reduced especially when transferring manual information done by humans. 
  • Keeping in compliance with the changing technology. For systems that are not flexible in handling end-to-end compliance, then there is a possibility of any unforeseen penalties.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Agile processes are critical when it comes to business competition.
  • Easy integration in technology if the business process improvements is outlined with software and apps that is aligned with the requirements of an organisation.
Business Improvement

Our rationale is grounded in the emergence of rapidly advancing technology and process cycles which mean that constant optimisation of business functions is necessary to remain competitive.  

At Akiko Business Solutions, our analysis begins through a thorough collections process wherein we seek to understand the inner workings of specific processes. From here, our process analysts can make expert judgements to assess efficiency levels and identify critical challenges.   

Our aim is to always maximise process efficiency in order to reduce your operating costs to the greatest degree possible.  

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