Capture Pro is a leading software Workflow Automation solution provided by Kodak Alaris. The technology is specifically tailored for creating a fast-moving, paperless workflow environment and enables you to securely capture and disperse information within your business. 

Why is this technology needed? 

Processing paper and other organisational workflow documents is an expensive and slow process that creates room for error. As such, to keep pace with the competitive landscape, it is vital your company possesses an effective solution for document management and storage. Hence, keeping track of these documents is an activity that should transcend any individual organisation due to the extensive labour and time costs of doing so. 

Capture Pro can effectively manage your scanning needs and thereby reduce the costs associated with document and workflow management.  

Capture Pro
Document Management


Capture Pro specifically caters for the high volume and the multitude of document types that are scanned within the professional services industriesAs such, the software offers robust data extraction along with delivery to depository. With this, it minimizes the need for Post-Scan  Work of indexing and naming, a feature that sets it apart from competitors.  

The software retains the integrity of the scanned document through both optical character and optical mark recognition. Practically, this converts printed words into a readable and editable virtual document. This enables the software to extract important data to increase the efficiency of the document management process. 

At the same time, Capture Pro intuitively flags potential issues with scanned documents. The Intelligent Exception Processing feature scans documents for missing pieces of information – such as a signature – and flags the document for manual review.  

Finally, the software does not require internet for full functionality, and can be installed on local workstations with easy to share job setups across an organisation. 



In our experience, Capture Pro is highly effective in eliminating centralised scanning bottlenecks, thereby increasing the efficiency of the workflow. Specifically, the software can accelerate the processing of claims, bills and other work documents whilst retaining the security, confidentiality & integrity of the documents. To this end, through eliminating the need for manual entry of information, Capture Pro increases the efficiency of the entire workflow.

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