Capture Pro Software is one of the leading Workflow Automation Solutions provided by Kodak Alaris that answers to all the needs that are demanded by a fast-moving paperless workflow environment which becomes challenging while handling the manual documents.

Processing Paper documents, forms, invoices, and other crucial organisational workflow documents are expensive, slow, and create a room for error. Every organisation right now is focused on streamlining its business processes and workflow using new innovative and automated solutions. It is vital to better capture, sort, store, and share information digitally. Scanning and storing businesses document has always proved to be a pivotal challenge for most organisations. A business organisation such as Insurance Firms, Call-Centres, Human-Resource Companies, Accounting & Payroll Companies, Outsourcing Firms and even the companies dealing with Legal Documentations as a business witness, a flow of thousands of different types of incoming and outgoing documents. Keeping a track of these documents transcends most of the organisations, as it requires hours of human labour to process and sort documents to than be digitally stored.


With the transformation into the new digital age, all organisations are in a desperate need of new innovative solutions to streamline such large volumes of the paper workflow. Introducing Alaris Information Management Solutions that are being used by the top organisations around the world and have been at the forefront of image transformation, capturing and processing solutions to help make its partner’s business workflow all the more efficient.

Capture Pro Software is developed keeping in mind the high volume and different types of documents that are needed to be scanned by the variety of Industries like Insurance, Legal, HR, BPO, etc. The Alaris Capture Pro Software Application offers a robust data extraction along with a delivery to depository. It ultimately minimizes and even eliminates the need for Post-Scan rework unlike others, which makes it unique.

One of the most important tasks in scanning and uploading documents to a digital archive is to maintain the integrity and consistency of the document. The Capture Pro Software comes with an optical character recognition and optical mark recognition helping organisations to automate the process of scanning and sorting information according to the job and purpose put in by the user. This enables the software to extract important business data to ease data entry and management job.

The Intelligent Exception Processing feature allows the software to detect any piece of missing information like a signature on a document and the Intelligent Quality Control will automatically flag any doubtful information saving innumerable hours of tedious work. Capture Pro Software does not require the internet to perform its functions and can easily work offline. It can be installed on the local workstations along with an easy to share job setups across organisation. 


The Intelligent Job Select is another feature that helps automate the office workflow. It also allows to automatically switch jobs amongst different types of documents to be scanned in large batches. Capture Pro allows users to scan large batches of different documents together by just adding the patch sheet carrying instructions for the new scanning job. These features help organisations to standardize image capturing, indexing, and routing rules for compliance.

Capture Pro Software has eliminated centralised scanning bottlenecks which has increased the efficiency of the workflow. It aids speeding up the tasks like processing of claims, bills and other work documents in insurance, legal, service, bureau and even in the healthcare industries simultaneously maintaining security, confidentiality & integrity of the documents, since the software also assures consistency in every captured image. Capture Pro Software takes the manual data entry for visits, claims, missing information, form filling, etc out of the business. Ultimately, Capture Pro Software is helping make various batches of documents to be scanned and information to be extracted as easy as a click of a button.