Kodak Alaris Information Input Solution is aefficient web-based, image & document capturing platform that fulfils centralized scanning and distribution capture needs. 

The Alaris Information Input Solution is focused on enabling the capture and access of information via a web-based platform. This allows remote access towards the system, thereby providing employees with the capabilities to access critical documents from home or on the go. With this, the software enables employees to better capture, sort, store, and share information via smartphones, laptops or tablets. 

Why is the technology needed? 

With the disruption brought about by COVID-19, the need for remote work and access to business information has drastically increased. As such, this software helps employees index and extract information from paper-based documents without the need to attend the office.

Infuse Features
Info Input Solutions Tech

The primary challenge for the remote scanning, capturing, and accessing of information has been the refresh rate at which the captured image is shared and stored in real-time. To combat this, the Alaris Information Solution is focused on the fast capturing and sorting of images, to support both production and distributed scanning environments. 


This solution enables on and off-premise capture solutions via an app available on any smart device. Through converting business documents into data that can be fed into Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Resource Planning etc. platforms, the system can ease paper workflow management.  

The remote software is equipped to meet all office and workflow automation needs. The optical character and optical mark recognition features help covert paper memory into digital data that can be automatically stored, and sorted according to the specific job given to the software. 

Case Study  

Clients we have worked with to implement such technologies include Government agencies, MNC’s mailroomsLegal Document Archives, and various other database management organizationsSpecifically, these firms value the solutions ability to read barcodes & interpret, extract and route information to deliver accurate results and data. 

Use Case of Info Input Solution

Furthermore, finance firms have benefited from the simplified digital data collection and archiving features provided by the Alaris Information Input Solution. Critically, it allows them to maintain a single chain of document custody across multiple platforms, essential for compliance and audits. 

In our experience, this solution is simple to use and integrate with the majority of business systems due to its user-friendly interface, reducing the need for training. The added advantage of a user-friendly interface helps businesses reduce errors and thereby increase the efficiency of workflow automation. Most critically, as a web-based platform this solution is tailored specifically for the home or on the go working environment driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.