Kodak Alaris Information Input Solution is a highly efficient & a productive, web-based, image & document capturing platform that meets an organization’s centralized scanning and distribution capture needs. The platform enables any organization to transform all of it paper-based workflow stored at any mailrooms, office floors, or even at the front office.

Alaris Information Input Solution is focused on instant image capture to enable information access at the work and while working from home remotely. This web-based platform enables employees of any organization to meet their scanning needs in-order to better capture, sort, store, and share information digitally which can easily be accessed via an application through smartphones, laptops, tabs or any other device with a web browser feature. The Alaris Information Input Solution is a flexible solution to convert the paper-based workflow and office flow documents directly into a digital memory to ensure easy storage on office servers, in cloud storage, or computers just via accessing the platform through your web browser.


In the wake of recent events, there’s been a trending transformation towards working from home and enabling remote access to business information needs. This software helps employees streamline their business workflow documents by indexing and expert extraction of information from paper-based documents, increasing the productivity of work at any location, be it their home, office, or even on the go.

The apex problem in remote scanning, capturing, and accessing information has been the refresh rate at which the captured image is shared and stored in real-time. The Alaris Information Solution is focused on fast capturing and sorting of images, that can support both production and distributed scanning environments.

Business Process Outsourcing Firms value the web-based information input solution because it eases their paper workflow and workload of employees by providing an easy, on and off-premise capture solutions via an app on a mobile device or any other smart device. The software coverts the business workflow documents into data that can be fed straight to any other business application like the Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management, and Workflow & Office Flow automation solutions.

This empowers business processes to get relevant information quickly anytime anywhere. As an example, Accounts Payable Departments can benefit from the embeddable transactional client to scan receipts directly into their applications.


The remote on the go software is equipped to meet all the office and workflow automation needs. The OCR and OMR reading abilities help covert paper memory into digital data that can be automatically stored, shared, and sorted according to the specific job fed to the software.

Government agencies, MNC’s mailrooms, Legal Document Archive, and various other database management organizations value these OCR and OMR features as they help not only come with the ability to read the bar codes of different documents & forms but also can interpret, extract and route information to deliver accurate results and data.

Financial Firms have massively benefited from the simplified digital data collection and archiving features by the Alaris Information Input Solution. It helps them maintain a single chain of document custody across multiple platforms, essential for compliance and audits.

Akiko Business Solutions believe that Alaris Information Solutions is one of the simplest systems to use & integrate with any current business systems because of its user-friendly interface, enabling businesses to reduce the cost of business operations as it requires minimal training. The added advantage of a user-friendly interface helps most businesses reduce errors and increase the overall efficiency of working either from the office or from a home environment.