Kodak Alaris INfuse Connected Scanning Solutions are software solutions that are aimed at transforming the office workflow and boost productivity. 

Kodak Alaris INfuse Connected Scanning Solutions is a software aimed at transforming the office workflow in order to boost productivity. Through leveraging Kodak Alaris’s Image Capturing Technology, the solution is capable of blending with any user business application to create an automated solution that can serve any unique business need.  


INfuse Scanners offer network-connected capture that can be placed at either the front or back office when integrated with any business application system. With this, it provides a cost-effective way to capture image and covert paper-based workflow data into digital content that can be inputted into a specific process. 

Infuse Features
Doc Scanning Infuse

By decreasing business transaction times, providing an intuitive user experience and streamlining internal processes, INfuse will save your business data entry time and lower costs.  

Furthermore, the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions has been developed to bring together all the Kodak Alaris Platform services to best streamline business processes. As such, INfuse can provide a cost effective and feasible system to manage your capture devices and better automate your workflow. 

The optical character and optical mark recognition utilised by the solution enables the extraction of critical data from scanned documents. Alongside this, inbuilt technologies provide notifications when missing forms, signatures or information is detected.  

Underscoring this, INfuse is Kodaks most intuitive solution yet. The smart solution enables businesses to set up their scanning requirements into the system with just one step set-up sheet. With no need for user training, the provided scanners are standalone – software already built-in – and are capable of direct integration with any business application. 

Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions is built on three key components that enable it to quickly automate tasks. 

The Partner Software Application enables partnering software applications to be easily integrated with the Alaris software. Through this, tasks such as invoice processing, medical records management, legal document archives and logistic notices can be integrated within the Alaris solution. Because of this, your business will be best able to integrate the components that will directly address your specific needs. 

automation system
office automation system

Inbuilt Management Software will allow you to manage an office of scanners, set-up workflow requirements and configure devices remotely.

Enterprise-level security is embedded within the software to provide a separate data path and control path for the secure transfer of confidential content. Within this, the software has the functionality to define separate paths from the management software to keep the data confidential and not exposing it.

As such, Kodak Alaris INfuse Connected Scanning Solutions are aimed at integrating seamlessly with any partner business application in order to make business processes more efficient.

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