Kodak Alaris INfuse Connected Scanning Solutions are software solutions that are aimed at transforming the office workflow and boost productivity. 

The Infuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions leverage Kodak Alaris’s Image Capturing Technology to blend with any of the user business applications to create an automated solution serving the unique needs of any business.

The Infuse Scanners offer network-connected capture that can be placed at the front or back office of any organization integrated with any business application system. The Alaris Infuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions provide a cost-effective way for any business to capture image and covert paper-based workflow data effectively and efficiently, into digital content that can directly input as a whole or specific captured data into the user’s choice of business processes. This helps businesses save crucial time of data entry and helps cut costs. Thus, simultaneously improving business transaction time, giving better user experience, and streamlining processes anywhere in the office.



The Kodak Alaris Infuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions has been developed to bring together all the Kodak Alaris Platform services to help businesses streamline business processes and making them more cost efficient, secure, and reduce the time to be spent on tedious tasks.

To better meet organizations efficiency needs and making its workforce more effective, most organisations are switching to Robotic Process Automation. This is done to free employees of mundane and standard task activities that can be easily programmed into the system, for it to automatically perform repetitive functions. The Alaris Infuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions comes with OCR, OMR, and immediate exception notification.

The OCR and OMR help the system to extract data from any document being scanned and the immediate exception notification notifies missing forms, signature, and other missing business crucial information which can be caught and corrected immediately.

This automation process not only saves money for the organisation but also helps improve customer experience as the work is done much quicker without any errors. The smart solution enables businesses to set up their scanning requirements into the system with just one step set-up sheet and gain access to the automated workflows.

The set up and use of the Alaris Infuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions is so simple and intuitive, that there is no need for end user training. The scanner is a stand-alone system with the software already in it, ready to meet any business process requirement.  The solution is meant to be directly integrated with any business application.

Alaris Infuse Smart Connected Scanning Solutions includes three key components that enable it to quickly carry out tasks in hours that used to take days in the past.


The three components that enable Alaris Enable INfuse Solutions to maximise efficiency and increase business productivity are:

  •  Partner Software Application, which enable partner software applications to be integrated with the Alaris software, helping automate invoice processing, medical records management, legal document archives, logistic pods and notices etc to create a solution focused on specific needs of the organisation.
  • Management Software which allows to maintain and manage the entire office scanners, set-up workflow and configure devices remotely sitting in one office giving you control over the entire fleet.
  •  INfuse AX Scanner embedded with enterprise-level security that provides a separate data path and control path for secure transfer of confidential content. It has the ability to define separate paths from the management software to keep the data confidential and not exposing it.

Kodak Alaris INfuse Connected Scanning Solutions are aimed at integrating seamlessly with any partner business application making business processes more efficient. They boost the overall productivity in any office and increase customer satisfaction by improving the customer experience.