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Entrepreneur: Does Your Business Need A Digital transformation?

Many businesses are lagging behind or missing opportunities when it comes to digital technology. As technology constantly and rapidly changes, many businesses find themselves unable to keep up with the advances.

Coin Geek: Australia Launches Renewed Digital transformation Strategy

The Australian federal government has unveiled its new digital transformation strategy, vowing to do more to encourage digital transformation amid the recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Techerati: Baking Success Into Digital Transformation

More than two-thirds (69 percent) of directors want their organisations to accelerate digital business initiatives, according to analyst Gartner. But CIOs looking to turn this desire for digitisation into a reality must prepare the right mix of ingredients.

Forbes: The Top Digital Transformation Trends In 2021 For Small and Mid-Size Businesses

As successful companies wave good-bye to 2020 and focus on where to invest in 2021, more attention will be directed to adoption of new and evolving technology

Entrepreneur: A Fresh Start: Business Trends For 2021 (Through The Lens Of Digital Transformation)

The hardest part of any personal or enterprise transformation can be the choices that we make every day to move toward what will drive our future success.

CMS Wire: 5 Myths of About Digital Transformation

A 2018 Couchbase survey found the majority of CIOs believed those companies that did not keep up with digital innovation would last less than four years before going out of business or being bought by a competitor — caused by a downward spiral of declining customer experience, loss of customers and a fall in revenue and resources.

Security Brief: Why organisations are facing a perfect information management storm

The age of digital transformation is currently unfolding in the business world and for government organisations and, while adopting digital transformation initiatives has certainly provided businesses and government agencies with an array of benefits, it has brought one big issue to light: information privacy.

Forbes: For Successful Digital Transformation, Focus On Staff Engagement

When you think of companies undergoing a digital transformation, you probably don’t think of one involved in manufacturing facilities, power generation plants, public and private water/wastewater, transportation hubs, office complexes, and industrial infrastructure.