workflow automation

Workflow automation

Workflow automation refers to the use of technology utilising rule-based logic to automate manual work. This is achieved by designing, executing, and automating processes based on predefined business rules where the data, documents, information, and human tasks are routed between people and systems. 

The automation of processes traditionally handled by workers yields substantial benefits with respect to the efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and accountability of said processes. Indeed, Mckinsey and Co. affirm that at least one-third of business processes can be at least partially automated – freeing up valuable time of company employees to focus on value-adding activities to increase their productivity. 

With a talented group of employees, Akiko takes pride in helping its customers examine what processes can be automated. We achieve this through carefully analysing which business functions can and will benefit most from technological assistance  

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation Specialists

Akiko helps its partners save crucial resources by selecting the imaging devices and software that best match the workflow needs of its customers. Workflow automation solutions at Akiko help eliminate tedious employee tasks across marketing, finance, human resources, and legal department’s by providing digital document scanning solution. Through translating your documents into storable digital file that can be uploaded to the cloud and linked to various databases, Akiko can help increase your business’s internal efficiency.