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Business Process Consulting

Every organisation knows there are processes that are fragmented, outdated, redundant or just no longer needed but very few organisations have the resources or the time to undertake what they know they need – process improvement!More info

Business Solution

Whether it’s helping your businesses deal with current economic situation, business expansion or a plan for business continuity, Akiko provides cost-effective answers for small to mediumMore info

Business Process Outsourcing/Offshoring

Akiko Business Consultants is an innovative company that has successfully assisted several Australian companies process their documents. These include: More info

IT Management Services

To profit from your business initiatives you will need to tap into a rare calibre of leadership and insight. You will need a company with decades of business experience; who knows what works and what doesn’t. More info

Systems Integration Services

Our systems integration expertise helps you implement and integrate, proven state-of-the-art technologies to achieve your specific business objectives.More info

Technical Resource

Most IT environments in today’s world have issues with technical resources, beginning with architects to project managers to developers. It is either not the right skill or the right temperament.More info

Akiko's Vision Statement: To enable corporations manage their processes to achieve greater efficiency and output.

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We partner with other organizations to help you get more value from our services. Our Business Partners use their industry expertise and specialist products in conjunction with Akiko's services, providing:

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